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Pier Beneath


Everyone has been to a pier and strolled along their wooden slats, but how many have explored the underside? Their structure, their makeup, they are fascinating places.

Pier Beneath is an ongoing project and Director, Jon Ball has embarked on his quest to publish images of all 80 British piers.

Jon explains 'Recently I took a stroll myself, along the sea front at Bournemouth, and whilst passing under the pier, I realised what beautifully interesting places the underside are. I found myself climbing into the very fabric of their makeup as the waves came crashing in. Over two hours, I took a series of  photos, then published them on our Facebook page.'  

​'We immediately received a very excited response and the interest we've received from these images, and the excitement I felt whilst taking them, led me to decide on taking on the project. It has been tough, much tougher that anticipated as the underside of many UK piers are continually submerged, but it really is very unique and truly exciting project'.

The plan is to publish a book showing all piers and systematically release limited edition framed prints for sale, once the first of the framed batch has been donated to a local worthy organisation, for example, both Bournemouth and Boscombe pier images are now on permanent display at the Acute Medical Unit at The Royal Bournemouth Hospital and thus available to be viewed by the community.

Framed prints are now available for those piers already captured, but as this is an ongoing project, please check back here for the latest updates.

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