360 Tour Photography

The 360 virtual tours market is currently gaining huge amounts of popularity largely due to the current COVID 19 restrictions in place, but also the technology has come on leaps and bounds and there really is no better way to showcase your space. The benefits to businesses - especially in the hospitality industry are endless. Here are just a few:

  • Customers like to know what to expect, particularly regarding space, facilities and outlooks when booking events, a stay or even a meal out. For gyms and clinics for example, customers can fully explore and see exactly what equipment and products you use.

  • Customers love transparency - negative reviews most often come from disappointment. If a room that is awaiting refurbishment or is smaller is being sold at a cheaper rate than premium rooms, a virtual tour will allow the customer to fully explore them and make an informed choice. These sections of the tours can easily be replaced when rooms are updated. 

  • Increase customer engagement on your website. Solid have partnered with the leading virtual tour software company so your tour will be fun to interact with and has great maneuverability, unlike clunky, low quality tours out there.

  • We add as many tags as you like at various points in the virtual tour, these can point out special facilities, features, contain links, images etc.

  • Increase memberships and bookings without people having to initially visit your space - especially useful for gyms and wedding venues. This is particularly great from an environmental point of view, cutting down travel.

  • For museums and exhibitions, SolidHD can create pay per view tours so you can attract more customers worldwide.

  • Solid's clients will receive ongoing support through Staay UK. Your virtual tour and property photographs will be listed alongside a description and highlights of your business.


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