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School Photos Re-Imagined is a brand new initiative available NOW only from Solid.  

We believe that traditional schools photography has become a little stale and predictable, and is also old fashioned and not to mention expensive.

Solid are about to change all that.

Limited to just 30 chosen schools, School Photos Re-Imagined includes:

(1)  A flat-fee of just £10 per image for a high-resolution digital copy.

(2)  The digital copy is able to be printed, emailed or posted on social media as many times as you wish.

(3)  Traditional prints are available on-line as SINGLES or as a more traditional package if you wish.

(4)  Digital skin blemish reduction (not removal) is performed on all images ensuring no more embarrassing school portraits.

(5)  Images taken are within a school environment to corporate standards not against a drab backdrop.

And for school, you have:

(A) No involvement after the photo shoot. No more chasing forms, no more collecting money, lots more teaching!

(B) Earn a sizeable commission for your school.

(C) Full SIMs integration.

We have trialled the initiative and feedback has been overwhelming positive from the children and the parents alike, we are therefore, very excited to bring this to market. Our sales team is currently recruiting schools to participate and the service will be available this year, hopefully, to your school.

​For more details or to request our team visits your school to discuss School Photos: Re-imagined, just drop us a line.

Our dedicated online ordering microsite is available Solid School Photos Microsite


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