Solid Imagery | Fashion


The fashion industry is plagued with having to adhere to conventions surrounding expensive photography, and lots of it.

At Solid we like to be bold and forward thinking.

Our fashion shoots are extremely competitively priced and, we believe that by making our prices substantially cheaper it allows for fashion houses, wholesalers and manufacturers to photograph everything in a season, for example, thus leading to them being able to show and therefore sell, more product.

Not only that, at Solid we are very flexible in our workings meaning that we are able to offer a sliding scale, the more you send us the cheaper it becomes.

Shoots are either with or without a model and can be run either at our studios, or for a small travel fee, on-site.

We believe in working with our clients and making their business, through great photography, successful.  Please call us today to find out what we can do for you.


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