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Relaxed, fulfilling and fun photography tuition for beginners to advanced photographers.


Photography is an underestimated art but is a very, very important one. The right image can change people’s perceptions, can instantly change people’s attitudes and can change the world.


Photography is very powerful, both in a global sense and in a individual person’s sense. Images of family, friends and places are our trigger to the past, our memories, and our own history.


Photography is also very personal and is very subjective, just like a piece of art.


That is why we at Solid have developed a series of training courses which are all about you and the photos you take, they are about developing and improving your skills at your pace and making you proud of your achievements.


Many courses simply tell you how to do things, and reports coming back to us are that they they can be patronising; we can assure you that we are not like that, we show you how we do it and encourage you to do it your way, to explore and discover the beauty of photography for yourself.


Our one-on-one courses are just £120 per person, for 4 x 2 hour sessions in your own home.

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