I was just 16 when I had gotten the telephone call from the famous local photographer, it was a Saturday morning in 1980 and I'd just left school. On the following Monday I'd joined a small band of photographers at the studio, Frank Barry Studios in Hayes, Middlesex. 

Frank had been born in 1896 and had been a professional photographer in the same studio since 1932. To put that into context, the Empire State Building was just one year old.

In those early years and, under Frank's tutelage, I photographed my first solo wedding, aged just 17. I also began to appreciate the simplicity of photography, it is after all just the manipulation of light. What I was also aware of was that I'd become head over heals in love with the art.

That was forty-one years ago and with in-excess of 1.3 million professional images taken; the fresh faced 16 year old is now a weather worn 56. Inside though still beats the heart of an excited child whenever I pick up a camera, and to Frank I give my utmost appreciation for this wonderful feeling.

As we've grown, our company has expanded into areas of the business I never thought we ever go, handling valuable and fascinating artefacts inside of world famous heritage collections gives us a thrill. Our schools work is quite revolutionary and our Solid Enhance service is offered to other, newly established photographers, allows them to get a head start in the industry.

So with us offering professional photos covering every single aspect of photography from Solid Imagery, globally unique on-site Heritage Digitisation with Solid Heritage, Solid Enhance offers photographers their very own Picture Editor. As you can tell, we are very VERY excited about our future.

Thank you for spending your time visiting us; please enjoy this small selection images, we hope it sparks your imagination enough to drop us a line in the not too distant future.

Jon Ball

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