Designed for time pressed photographers, SOLID ENHANCE is a chance for you to tap into the 40 year printing knowledge of Solid Imagery.


It could be that you need an additional creative eye to enhance your work, or maybe you are just too busy to complete a particular photoset. Possibly there's something in your photos that was missed when you took them (it happens in the heat of battle), which urgently needs removing.


This is SOLID ENHANCE, your darkroom assistant who can help make your photos just a tad more pleasing. 


It also couldn't be easier, just get in contact by email at [email protected] so as we can expect your images, then WeTransfer your photoset to the same email address. We aim to get them back to you within 48 hours using the same method.


It's as simple as that.


Our services and pricing is as follows:




Ideal for weddings and events and includes colour and density correction, basic retouch and item removal, noise reduction and sharpening.


Number of Images Price Cost per Image
1-100 £50.00 50p
1-200 £95.00 47.5p
1-300 £135.00 45p
1-400 £170.00 42.5p
1-500 £200.00 40p
1-600 £216.00 38p
1-700 £257.00 36.8p
1-800 £286.00 35.75p
1-1000 £296.00






Repair of old images, more complex removal of unnoticed items, portraits skin enhancements, anything that is more than a quick fix.


Any number of Images £50.00 per hour


PLEASE NOTE: an estimate is required based on the condition and the complexity of the original image.




Batch changes to clothing for the fashion and publishing industries.


Any number of Images under direction £100.00 per hour


PLEASE NOTE: an estimate is required based on the complexity of the original images and the creativity required.