Who We Digitise For

Government institutions and private collectors have constantly used our service over the past 10 years.

These include:

The Royal National Lifeboat Institution    ssGreat Britain    

The Nelson Mandela Collection     JP Morgan

The Garden City Collection      The Maurice Collins Collection

Plowden and Smith     The National Motor Museum, Beaulieu

Doreen Collins     The Fox Talbot Museum      

The British Motor Industry Heritage Trust     Fry Art Gallery

The Henry Wood Collection    Clifton Suspension Bridge Trust


What They Say

"It is such a great service. On-site digitisation of this quality makes so much sense to me, it's quite a contraption".

                                              Archive Manager, British Motor Industry Heritage Trust (also commenting on our digitisation rig)


"All digitisation was perform on-site in the Brunel Institute by the wonderful Jon and his wonderful team at The Mobile Scanning Company. We shall be seeing them again very soon".

                                              Director ss Great Britain Trust speaking at the Maritime Curators Group Conference in Belfast


"Unfortunately for us, but good for you, your competitors samples came back damaged".

                                             Manager, A National Motor Museum, after three companies pitched for their work, two were digitised off-site.     

"Initially was attracted to their pricing, but they're on-site service is so good and they are such good people, so approachable, I simply won't go anywhere else, ever".

                                              Owner, The Maurice Collins Collection


'Brilliant, just so easy for me, and so safe and efficient".

                                               Owner, The Henry Wood Collection


"They make it look so easy. To have the digitisation performed safely here, well, it just wouldn't have been done otherwise".

                                                 Manager, National Code Breaking Centre, Bletchley Park


"It's such a wonderful service, and working with these guys is just superb".

                                                 Operations Manager, RNLI Heritage


"A really fantastic and cost effective service and the quality is stunning".

                                                  Director, Fry Art Gallery


"It's an absolute pleasure working with The Mobile Scanning Company, I'm sure we'll be doing it again soon, we can't recommend them highly enough".

                                                    Curator, ss Great Britain Trust 


"Watching them work, they are so quick but very gentle and handle with so much care".

                                                     Owner, The Doreen Collins Collection  


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