Simple Portraiture with simple pricing, nothing complicated that's the key, that's the Solid way.

Taken at a location of your choice, that favourite walk in the woods, or simply taken in the surroundings of your own home, Solid can accommodate you easily.

We also do not believe that portraiture should be cost prohibitive so our pricing is based on our hourly rate and includes a CD of all images, together with an option to purchase prints online at your leisure. You also have our guarantee that our print prices ensure the whole portrait session is cost effective and thus meets your needs.

There is no limit in the number of people you can invite, nor is there a price increase for large groups such as whole family gatherings, so between you you can all spread the costs equally, then purchase your individual prints online.

Please note: a Pre-Wedding portrait session is included in our Silver, Gold and Diamond Wedding packages and can be added to our Crystal package.

Our portraiture pricing is:





Up to 1 hour at a location of your choice, 1 hour travel time, no limit on numbers, approximately 50 photos to choose from, cost effective print ordering online.


£125.00 inc Vat



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