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Let us be honest with you.                                                                                   

Anyone can digitise; anyone.

But there are times when digitisation becomes very difficult indeed and that is when you should call us in.

It may be sheer volume that frightens, or very large items which are too unwieldy, or damaged artefacts that are too fragile to handle more than once, or they may be in a location where it may not be moved, with shadows or sunlight or reflection covering them.

That's not straightforward digitisation, but it's something we are able to deal with.

Each different type of artefact needs different careful consideration; for example, oil paintings can reflect the surface ridges caused by the artists brushstrokes when using traditional lighting rigs, the spines of leather bound journals can move and the resulting curved pages can be unsatisfactory, Tithe maps require large-scale rigs and lots of very careful handling.

We have different methodology for each and every type of work, which eliminates these issues. We have also honed these methods so as our renowned speed of capture is maintained.

Regularly our work involves digitisation of collections of:

Maps      Watercolours     Historical Documents     Solid Objects        Ephemera     Posters    Glass Plates   Negatives    Lantern Slides    Journals    Textiles    Oil Paintings    Tapestries    Journals    Magazines   Memorabilia   Sculptures    Art    and much more...

On many occasions within the same collection.

But here's the surprise;

    We don't differentiate on price.

If your project is a mix of all of the above items, our methodology and on-site rig allows for us to maintain our prices across the board. No longer will your organisation be quoted a different figure for Lantern Slides and Oil Paintings when it is part of the same project.

We think that's refreshing, and also another one of the many reasons why you should contact us when your collection is ready for digitisation.


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