With many years working in the corporate arena, Solid understand your needs. Grabbing the brief super quick is the key, and implementing efficiently will make everyone involved a hero in the eyes of their peers.


We love digging into just what makes your business tick, learning about you is truly fascinating.


What we can offer your businesses is vast too. Headshots, products, interior builds, construction sites, conferences and events, the list goes on.


With some photographers, they limit their clients ability to deliver for their company by limiting their offering. Imagine a product photographer being asked to photograph the company fun day (while they are there). Or an architectural photographer being employed to take headshots.


This would lead to disaster, and with it, your reputation could be in tatters.


We at Solid, are trained in all aspects of photography, and, we continue to train in modern techniques and emerging technologies, thus ensuring your reputation is super safe.


It's so easy to drop us a line, you can do it here:

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