Post-Digitisation Services

Post Digitisation Production is kept to a minimum when working with SolidHD. We believe that to ensure the safety of heritage collections, artefacts should be handled not only gently, but efficiently and for the least amount of time possible. As part of our standard Post-Digitisation, we add the following information to ALL files we create at the time of digitisation, not afterwards. 

Our standard methods include:

Artefact or Collection Accession Number

Every image is immediately renamed with the collections artefact or accession number before digitising the next. This eradicates any confusion surrounding files and file names and marrying them to the correct image during the post-production stage.

Assistants often either work from a pre-written sheet or simply call the pencil written number on the rear of the artefact to the Administrator (who will give a verbal reply to ensure no mistakes are made).

To see this in action, watch the ss Great Britain Video on the Recent Projects Page. 

Level 1 Metadata

This level of protection is recommended for all heritage projects and allows us to tag each image we capture with the clients contact details and copyright notice at source of capture, thus rendering the image safe from the moment it has been stored.

This is a standard practice, however, Level 2 Metadata and Keywording (for web searching) can be added retrospectively to any project, even those not digitised by The Mobile Scanning Company.

Our Level 2 metadata and keywording pricing-scale is below.

Colour and Grey-Scales Added and Sampled in Post-Production

As final colour and definition post-production is preformed off-site, and of course, as we have no visual representation of the original artefact to match against, a method of ensuring correct colour and density must be employed. 

We are adamant that this can only be performed densitometrically, scientifically if you will.

Each image has a standard colour-patch added to its edge to allow us to assess their colour and density, however, during initial rig set-up, the lights, cameras and monitors are corrected prior to digitisation taking place, thus ensuring professionally corrected and accurate colour of the final image without the need to refer to the original.

Storage and Files Supplied

Speaking again about the safety of the artefacts, we believe that they should be digitised only once, especially as part of the reasoning behind digitisation is usually to ensure the artefact is handled very rarely afterwards.

We therefore digitise at very high resolution, enough to allow printing to very large size should that be required at a later date.

However, it is very obvious that a large digital file (with no compression applied) is too unwieldy to use from day-to-day. We therefore, supply all images in three standard, common formats, Tiff, Jpeg and Web.

All images are supplied on an external hard disc to keep the Tiff files safely away from a nervous IT Manager, and with our returning clients, subsequent images are added to the same disc to ensure their own master copy is always to hand and up-to-date.

We also store further copies at no change.


Additional Services. Retrospectively Added.

Physical and Digital Watermarking

Physical Watermarking can be added at the time of post-production. This allows for a graded watermark to be added to the front of every image. 

We do not charge for this service if it is as part of the initial project specification, creation of a custom logo watermark has a very nominal fee attached (normally £15).

Digital watermarking can be added at the time of post-production or retrospectively and includes regular web searching for illicitly and illegally used images; the client receives a report on any copyrighted image which infringes their copyright. 

Please see

This is an annual subscription service starting at £150 per year for up to 1000 images and is also open to any images not digitised by The Mobile Scanning Company.

Physical and Digital Watermarking Prices

Physical Watermarking at initial project inception Free with project - £15 image creation
Physical Watermarking retrospectively £15 image creation - £50 per 1000 images
Digital Watermarking, Manual Web Search and Reporting

£50 per 1000 image creation - £150 p/a web search facility and client reporting

Digital Watermarking, Automatic Web Search and Reporting £100 per 2000 image creation - £200 p/a web search facility and client reporting
Digital Watermarking, Automatic Web Search and Reporting, Unlimited quantity of images. Price on application


Keyboarding and Captioning Prices

Level 1 Metadata Entry at project inception Free with project
Level 1 Metadata Entry retrospectively £100 per 1000 images
Level 2 Metadata Entry including captioning from digital form i.e pre-written spreadsheet £180 per 1000 images

Level 2 Metadata Entry including captioning from paper form i.e pre-written log-book. Two operators using double-key entry.

£425 per 1000 images

An estimate of cost for larger quantities of images can be supplied on request. 

All prices quoted are exclusive of vat.


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