From school prom nights to black tie events, sporting tournaments, theatrical events and rock concerts, Solid's coverage, as you would expect, are very different from other photographers, and offer flexible, cost effective options.

The first of these options has a 'non-attendance fee' applied which is offset by slightly higher print costs (an average of around 50 pence more from our already remarkably low print costs), the second has a small attendance fee attached (just £100) which maintains our usual level of print prices.

We feel that this offers our clients the flexibility to budget for both coverage of the event and print cost, whichever is most important.

Also, we believe this is vitally important to keep print cost down when covering events such as school proms where students are purchasing their own prints or social media downloads.

Our pricing is:


Non Attendance Fee

No Attendance fee paid, prints offset at slightly higher price than our standard pricing (average of 50 pence higher) On-line ordering from the following day.

No Fee

Attendance Fee

Attendance fee paid, standard print pricing, On-line ordering from the following day. £100.00 inc Vat

Typical Print Pricing

From just £3.50 Plus Shipping



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