First conceptualised, designed and constructed in 2007 in celebration of a 70th Birthday, Timelines are framed prints (to be read from left to right), showing the life of people from their early days to older age. They have become very popular since that time, and we have expanded the range to be included in our Gold and Diamond wedding packages charting the couples special day.

   So what can you turn into a Timeline?

The simple answer to that is anything relating to a person's life. A Timeline could be produced to show the working life of a colleague as they reach retirement, or charting the successful season of a local football team and its players, or as a 21st birthday present from proud parents.

Anything where a life or lives are to be celebrated, a Timeline can be created.

With a choice of three sizes (26, 36 and 48 inches in length), and with a choice of 8 frame mouldings covering all tastes, Timelines are very unique and are available for everyone for any, or every, celebration of someone's life.

Timelines are able to include photographs of objects, such as a dance medal or a sports trophy, they could also include certificates or school reports as well as images. It is just your imagination which would hold you back.

One thing we will mention, a warning, once you unwrap your Timeline, we guarantee you and your loved ones will become very emotional and you will then immediately think back over times past, reminisce.

Trust us, Timelines are very, very special, beautiful things.

   How do I get a Timeline made?

Simple, just send us your items (or for a small fee we can securely come and get them from you), we'll then photograph them and construct your Timeline to your specification and deliver it all back to you.

   How do I get a Timeline produced from our wedding photos?

Even simpler, if your wedding was photographed by Solid, they are included in our Gold and Diamond wedding packages and can be added to our Crystal and Silver packages at the prices below. If another photographer had photographed your wedding, simply hand us the disc of images (assuming you were given one), and we can do the rest. Please note: we cannot, and shall not under any circumstances, copy another photographer's prints, this is for legal copyright as well as moral reasons.

   How much do Timelines cost?

The prices are:


Unique, Limited Edition, 40 images, choice of 8 mouldings, handmade frame

£99.00 inc Vat


Unique, Limited Edition, 60 images, choice of 8 mouldings, handmade frame £149.00 inc Vat


Unique, Limited Edition, 80 images, choice of 8 mouldings, handmade frame £199.00 inc Vat

    (Please note, Timelines are included in the Gold and Diamond Packages, they can however, be added to the Crystal and Silver packages)




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