Charities we believe in.

At Solid we believe fully and are totally committed to the support of the supporters. From helping local businesses with our recently established Shop Local Verwood scheme, to our preferred national charity partners, giving is a big part of our DNA.

We fundraise, we donate and we volunteer, we help and support these charities who have helped us and our staff, personally, at one point or another. 

We are so grateful to them and are incredibly proud to offer them our precious time and money so as they can help others in the same way that they have helped us.


Shop Local - Verwood

Sponsored and organised by Solid, the Facebook group is free to sign up to and is your chance to promote, promote, promote the heck out of your Verwood based business. In these strange times, we feel it's vital for local businesses to gather together and help each other out. Remember, by supporting local business you are helping their families to survive and we at Solid, believe that is hugely important for us all. Follow Shop Local - Verwood on Facebook.



Crisis - The homeless Charity

For the past three Christmas', we have volunteered for Crisis. As trained minibus drivers, we support the movement of homeless people to and from day centres and night hostels. We move food, medicine, doctors, nurses, dentists and all manner of things and people who are involved in this massive but magical effort. Crisis is a wonderful thing, it gives the homeless some comfort and the chance to get things straight in their lives. Read our Director Jon Ball's blog about his experience with Crisis at Christmas, and find out just what you too can do to help the homeless of this country. Remember, most of us are just three missed wage packets away from being homeless!