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Please enjoy this preview of our work.

These images were taken over the last two years and indeed the last week and show all aspects of our wedding coverage.

From getting ready to first dance, the samples shown here are a full representation of just how we work on the day.

It also shows how they are presented to you the morning after your big day.


Jon Ball

Photos by Jon Ball, Kirsty Sagar and Leah Beavis
AndreaDarren-0010AndreaDarren-0045AndreaDarren-0076AndreaDarren-0097Becca_Leon_Wedding_Day-0088 copyBecca_Leon_Wedding_Day-0099 copyBecca_Leon_Wedding_Day-0107 copyBecca_Leon_Wedding_Day-0125 copyBecca_Leon_Wedding_Day-0209 copyBecca_Leon_Wedding_Day-0259 copyBecca_Leon_Wedding_Day-0427 copyBecca_Leon_Wedding_Day-0495 copyBecca_Leon_Wedding_Day-0573 copyBecca_Leon_Wedding_Day-0578 copyCarlyNath-0284 copyCarlyNath-0370 copyCarlyNath-0453 copyCarlyNath-0477 copyCarlyNath-0744 copyCarolineGreg-0017 copy